Wie sportlich ist der Toyota GT 86 wirklich?

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Hier die Bewertung von Keiichi Tsuchiya, Spitzname "Drift King", der in Japan eine Instanz ist wie bei uns der Walter Röhrl: Aus: http://forums.club4ag.com/zerothread?id=95050&page=13 Beitrag vom 28.10.

Chief Engineer, Mr.Tada wrote to me today. I'll roughly translate the message:
 Moto, We had a chance to have Mr.Keiichi Tsuchiya test drive our production car today, and he commented as follows... "The car (FT86) is not only FUN to drive, but in terms of quality and precision of handling, the car has very much surpassed any expectations I had. More easily put, if you had blind folded me and told me this was a new creation by BMW's M department, I would not even hesitate to believe you. It's that good."

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jeanjacques 30.11.2011, 06:20

Ich warte schon lange auf den Launch dieses Autos - wenn der Preis stimmt ist der FT86 sicher interessant!


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